The Intimidating Introduction

After years of battling food allergies and braving the great Alaskan outdoors, I have decided to make a blog. I’ll be taking up the task of sharing my daily life, eating habits, and travels for the sake of entertaining anyone who’s curious enough to indulge themselves in my story, but first allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Kris and I was born and raised in Palmer, Alaska- a small farm town about forty miles north of Anchorage. There are dusty potato fields and weathered barns from when the first pioneers came to cultivate the land in 1935. Palmer is surrounded by towering peaks and is often visited by the frigid wind sweeping through the mountain ranges in the East. The winters are rough and the summers are buggy. 

I escaped as soon as I could to Philadelphia, PA where I attended Moore College of Art and Design in hopes of using my artistic ability as a career, but soon realized I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life paying off loans while relying solely on my art. Soon I retreated back to the scenic mountains and dark, never ending winters. 

After arriving back in Alaska at the age of 19, my food allergies and sensitivities came to a head. It got to a point where I would experience terrible stomach aches every day and had no idea why. I was eating the same food as I did when nothing bothered me, so it didn’t make any sense. My mom had me get my blood checked at a local clinic and it was like a smack in the face. Gluten, dairy, legumes, eggs, nuts, soy, and even some fruits all came up as foods my body was rejecting, so I had to relearn how to eat. 

I am now at the age of 22 and am still mastering the art of keeping my stomach happy and healthy on a day to day basis, but through my trials and errors I’ve made huge improvements and have learned to enjoy eating healthy while gaining knowledge of how food affects our bodies. 

Food aside, my next life goal is to go beyond the Alaskan border once more. Why? To see what the rest of the world has to offer, but until then I will continue to learn about dietary health and attempt to hike as much of this 49th state as possible. I hope you can follow me on my journey and maybe learn something new. 

Safe travels!


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