Pick-Me-Up Pancakes

"Have you still been struggling with depression?"  My doctor asked while going through my files on her computer.  "Yeah, it's been pretty regular." I replied. I was sitting in an arm chair in front of her desk covered in supplement bottles and women's health books.  "Why have you been sad?" She asked. "Well..." I paused,... Continue Reading →


Pride in Alaska

As many people may know, the month of June is LGBT Pride Month, where we take time to celebrate our community's achievements and also remember those who have died for being true to who they are. This year was the first year I attended the Pride events and it was far from disappointing.  I came... Continue Reading →

Paleo Cookies for a Rainy Day

Rainy days have always proved to be perfect for staying indoors and experimenting on new recipes. There aren't beautiful rays of sunshine beckoning me to come outside and all those errands can hold off another day, right? At least that's what I tell myself until I open my fridge and moths flutter past my growling... Continue Reading →

To Be Vegan, Or Not To Be Vegan

That was the question I asked myself last summer during the beginning stages of the vegan diet rave that earned 2017 the title: "the year of the vegan". It seemed appealing and a bunch of my friends back in Philadelphia were already vegan. In addition, the social media sites I frequented began guilting me into... Continue Reading →

The Intimidating Introduction

After years of battling food allergies and braving the great Alaskan outdoors, I have decided to make a blog. I'll be taking up the task of sharing my daily life, eating habits, and travels for the sake of entertaining anyone who's curious enough to indulge themselves in my story, but first allow me to introduce... Continue Reading →

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