Cheese, Not Chocolate

I ignored the pink and red flowers being sold on the sidewalks as I raced down the streets of South Sacramento. My backpack carried precious cargo that needed to reach the safety of a cold refrigerator as soon as possible. Even in February, the sun managed to bring the temperature into the 70's. I could... Continue Reading →


To Be Vegan, Or Not To Be Vegan

That was the question I asked myself last summer during the beginning stages of the vegan diet rave that earned 2017 the title: "the year of the vegan". It seemed appealing and a bunch of my friends back in Philadelphia were already vegan. In addition, the social media sites I frequented began guilting me into... Continue Reading →

The Intimidating Introduction

After years of battling food allergies and braving the great Alaskan outdoors, I have decided to make a blog. I'll be taking up the task of sharing my daily life, eating habits, and travels for the sake of entertaining anyone who's curious enough to indulge themselves in my story, but first allow me to introduce... Continue Reading →

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